• This Short Guide Has Saved New Car Buyers, On Avg, Over $3,268!
  • 20+ Years Car Sales Experience, Distilled Into A 27 Page Guide.
  • Step-By-Step Guide For Paying The Lowest Possible Price.
  • Freshly Updated And Newly Released For April 2014.

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Benefit CarBuyWhiz Other Guides
Save, On Average, $3268+ Yes No
Save 60+ Hours Of Time Yes No
Understanding The 'Holdback' Yes No
Optimizing Your Trade-In Yes No
Getting A Great Warranty Yes No
Costly Mistakes To Avoid Yes No
Contacting Dealers Correctly Yes No
Precise Offer Formula Yes No
'Timing' Your Purchase Yes No
Escaping The Dreaded 'Bump' Yes No
Instant Download Yes No
PDF - Read On Any Device Yes No
Formula For Affordability Yes No
Insurance Tips And Pointers Yes No
Financing Your New Car Yes No
Rebates, Incentives & Offers Yes No
Become An Expert Negotiator Yes No
20+ Yrs Car Sales Experience Yes No
Independent, Unbiased Advice Yes No
Best Bargain Of The Year Yes No