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How to Twin Turbo a V6 Camaro. Install the fuel injectors, fuel pump or supplemental fuel system, either included with your kit or recommended by your kit's manufacturer. Most manufacturers will recommend a turbo-specific, aftermarket computer chip or reprogrammable fuel management unit for engines using more than seven to eight psi of boost.
Build A Camaro >> 1976-camaro-ss-24-quinto-forgiato-2

Build A Camaro >> 1976-camaro-ss-24-quinto-forgiato-2

To build the whole of Stonehenge will obviously depend on how manypeople there was for the task. What we suggested was that, given agreat concentration of effort, is the sarse … n structures, thebiggest bits of Stonehenge, could have been built within a periodof three years. We suspect that probably it took longer.
Build A Camaro >> Unrestored 1968 Camaro Z/28

Build A Camaro >> Unrestored 1968 Camaro Z/28

  • The New 2019 Camaro Sports Car Coupe Convertible

    LS was designed to introduce the Camaro lineup with just the right amount of nimble power featuring 275 hp from the standard 2.0L engine and a standard 6 speed manual transmission or available 8 speed paddle shift automatic transmission..

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    Detroit Speed Engineering is best known for turning out hot Camaros and Chevellesbut this 1969 Dodge Charger could be their coolest build ever..

  • From The Forums This Camaro Ss Build

    Ls1Tech member started with a roller $3,000 fourth gen SS and turned it into a 170 mph street strip beast. We know LS1Tech members constantly tinker with their rides, but this build thread from forum member BlackSS4thGen goes far beyond tinkering. In about two years, he turned a $3,000 1998 Camaro SS with a blown up stock ish engine into a fire breathing 1,300 horsepower drag monster..